400 Block of Hayes Street Closure Update

LAST UPDATE: November 19th >Post SFMTA Board meeting/resolution adoption update. Update November 3rdPre SFMTA meeting info/update. Update October 29thPost SFMTA Board Meeting update & takeaways. Update October 14thSFMTA has announced recommendations. Get the details and show your support. Update September 12thUpdate regarding current communications which are presently in circulation. September 5thA permit renewal is being considered with conditions and modifications … Read post

Demand to Lift the Injunction

Attention Mayor London Breed and Board of Supervisors: We oppose Judge Ryu’s injunction prohibiting our City from enforcing its laws against public camping and demand that our City fulfill its mandate to protect and serve San Francisco residents. We need our City leadership to deliver on sound solutions to get people off our streets. The current approach to address rampant … Read post

Encampments on Page and Gough

LAST UPDATE: SAT OCT 7th > Neighbors and businesses on and around Page and Gough have been stressed with the ongoing encampment crisis at this location. This morning the City instructed the encampments to move around the corner while a new street light was being installed. A representative of HVSafe was on the scene and spoke to SFPD and an … Read post

Skateboard Sign and Ramps at Patricia’s Green

LAST UPDATE: October 22nd We were prompted of a skateboard sign and ramps newly installed at Patricia’s Green. The sign installation was captured on Twitter. Definitely not a sign Public Works would post there. That’s not a Public Works employee. We don’t have unmarked white hardhats like that and there is no logo on the vest. This is some classic … Read post

HVSafe Letter to Board of Supervisors Re: Reappointment of Cindy Elias

We’re sharing our recent correspondence to the BOS regarding the reappointment of Cindy Elias. (See agenda item #15) We recognize taking a position is often fraught with apprehension, but we believe it’s critical for the health of civic dialogue, advocacy and the right to redress. Dear Board of Supervisors: Public Safety has never been more important to San Franciscans. The … Read post

Who is the Hayes Valley Public Safety Committee?

We prompted you a while back of the confusing title status of the HVNA Public Safety Committee aka Hayes Valley Public Safety Committee lead by Bob Barnwell here. Our point is further corroborated with the details of an upcoming HVNA meeting where they HVNA is also referencing Bob’s Committee and linking to its Public Safety Committee. It’s time Bob admits … Read post

SFPD Online Community Meeting Registration

Update March 11th:We submitted a disclosure request in October, 2022 for a copy of the Zoom meeting.SFPD did not respond in a timely manner so a complaint was filed with the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force (SOTF) in November, 2022. In January 2023 the matter went to a hearing before the SOTF.We’re still in communications on this matter and will prompt … Read post