Clearing Confusion about our Traffic Calming Initiative

Here’s our email to Bob Barnwell who continues to dismiss our public safety efforts in Hayes Valley while calling himself the Chair of the Hayes Valley Public Safety Committee when in fact he’s the chair of the HVNA (Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association) committee. Kinda confusing, we know (you can read more about this here). It’s not the first time we’ve … Read post

Issues with New Garbage Bins at Patricia’s Green

Unfortunately in less than a week’s time the new garbage bins at Patricia’s Green have busted locks, doors exposed and ongoing trash and debris overflow. It’s not a pretty sight and many of you have been inquiring. We’ve been in communication with SFPW and they too are dismayed by the current conditions. They’ve explained that they have reached out to … Read post

Repercussions of Chain Stores Not Holding Regular Business Hours Impacting Small Business Operators Store Security

We have a number of chain stores on our business corridor who are currently not holding regular store hours, no visible store hours posted, or staff regularly on site -these stores are now experiencing breakins – putting small independent business operators on edge and concerned about their store security. We reached out to Northern Station SFPD to inquire about any … Read post

Shooting on Buchanan

We’ve reached out to Northern Station for information on last night’s shooting on the 300 block of Buchanan and have spoken to Captain Paul Yep. Details at this time are limited. Shooting incident occurred between 2 vehicles. One person is in critical condition. We’ll report back any updates we receive.