THE start of the retaliatory move by the HVNA Board

a neighborhood serving Committee SHUT OUT

In June 2020 the encampment crisis was in full swing. Octavia Blvd and a number of locations around Hayes Valley were plagued with tents. There was a rat infestation occurring on and near Parcel R &S (Hayes Valley Art Works). We were in the beginning stages of COVID and concerns and nerves were on the rise.

As mentioned in our previous post the HVNA Communications Committee Chairs were functioning on an island on their own, shut out from the HVNA board and dis-included from information.

After being prompted of a letter circulating on the Hayes Valley Society Page on Facebook regarding a safe sleeping site, on June 6, 2020 we asked why we were not included in any communications or decision making regarding this matter. Also, in the works was a meeting with City Agencies to address the conditions and rat remediations on Octavia at the Hayes Valley Art Works. Again we asked to be included. On July 22nd the meeting was held and we were blocked by the host, Jen Laska (then HVNA VP).

The pattern of overstepping and dis-including neighbors is nothing new. In 2019 when Hayes Valley had a tree removal intiative a group of neighbors had to go around Jen Laska to advocate for their positions with the City.

As we continue to share our story our goal is to shed light on the current slippery slope the neighborhood is on with respect to neighborhood representation.

1 It is worth noting that one of the three Committee Chairs who was expelled by the 2020 HVNA board faced a legal threat by the HVNA board and was sought after to sign an agreement with terms to keep this matter ‘secret’. Since the HVNA was unsuccessful in getting this agreement in place we are breaking our silence on the details of this matter.

Behind the Scenes

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