Skateboard Sign and Ramps at Patricia’s Green

We were prompted of a skateboard sign and ramps newly installed at Patricia’s Green. The sign installation was captured on Twitter. Definitely not a sign Public Works would post there. That’s not a Public Works employee. We don’t have unmarked white hardhats like that and there is no logo on the vest. This is some classic monkeywrenching going on. A … Read post

Head West Market Seeks 2 More Event Dates

(previously aka: Urban Air) Dear Neighbors: An SFMTA ISCOTT hearing is slated for this Thursday at 9 am for a proposed Head West event venue change. If approved 2 more event dates will be added for this year. You can revisit our prior post with details of what has transpired thus far. Communications by Head West has been dismal and … Read post

Head West Market Event Permit Initiative

(previously aka: Urban Air) Update March 9th:At today’s hearing, Head West received approval for only 2 dates. We anticipate another round of permitting will be forthcoming to address their desire to add 2 more weekends. We will update you here with any further developments. Dear Neighbors: An SFMTA ISCOTT hearing is slated for this Thursday for a proposed Head West … Read post

Lyft Bike Station on Octavia at Hayes

We’ve checked in with SFMTA regarding the Lyft Bike Station now located on Octavia at Hayes. Update provided: “This is just a temporary move for construction related to the Laguna St/Hayes location. Once the construction is finished, the bikeshare station will go back to its originally legislated area.

Who is the Hayes Valley Public Safety Committee?

We prompted you a while back of the confusing title status of the HVNA Public Safety Committee aka Hayes Valley Public Safety Committee lead by Bob Barnwell here. Our point is further corroborated with the details of an upcoming HVNA meeting where they HVNA is also referencing Bob’s Committee and linking to its Public Safety Committee. It’s time Bob admits … Read post

Statement Regarding HVNA’s Involvement in Campaign Against Supervisor Dean Preston

Last month we informed you that Jen Laska, current president of HVNA (Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association) is concurrently on the payroll of GrowSF, a political action committee. The HVNA’s involvement with a political action committee presents a serious conflict of interest and compromises its credibility as a community serving association. HVSafe believes representation at the community level is critical and … Read post

HVNA (Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association) President a Paid Political Operative

In recent weeks we’ve been prompted with news regarding the HVNA president being employed by a political action committee (GrowSF). Because of our first hand experience with the overreach of the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association we find this development detrimental to the good health of civic engagement and representation for the neighborhood. We will continue to keep you updated. You … Read post

SFPD Online Community Meeting Registration

Update March 11th:We submitted a disclosure request in October, 2022 for a copy of the Zoom meeting.SFPD did not respond in a timely manner so a complaint was filed with the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force (SOTF) in November, 2022. In January 2023 the matter went to a hearing before the SOTF.We’re still in communications on this matter and will prompt … Read post

Cement Installation on Octavia at Page

We have been prompted of a new cement installation at Octavia. We’ve listened to a number of public safety concerns community wide and have voiced these concerns with City Agencies. Update: Monday September 19, 3:30 pm Richard and another neighbor spoke to the installer at the site. He explained that Lloyd Silverstein/HVMA and the HVNA gave him the approval to … Read post