Rabid Bat Notice

LAST UPDATE: WED OCT 11th Health Advisory – 9/27/23 Rabid Bat Found Outside of Fulton and Gough St While the timeline on this has already passed – we’re a bit puzzled why there was not any more outreach done in the vicinity/neighborhood. We will report back. Update October 11thSince fielding questions from the community as to why they hadn’t been … Read post

Encampments on Page and Gough

LAST UPDATE: SAT OCT 7th > Neighbors and businesses on and around Page and Gough have been stressed with the ongoing encampment crisis at this location. This morning the City instructed the encampments to move around the corner while a new street light was being installed. A representative of HVSafe was on the scene and spoke to SFPD and an … Read post

Hayes Valley “Community Board”

LAST UPDATE: OCT 12th > A new installation on Parcel K Last week we were prompted of a new community board installation at the Proxy location. We are concerned that a temporary public space which has been intended for affordable housing now houses a communications board under the guise of “community” which will be in control of 2 organizations (HVNA, … Read post

Freeway Commemoration Project Update

A quick note We’ve been asked if there are any new developments or details to share on the Freeway Commemoration Project. Here are our observations on what is unfolding as the red flags 🚩 🚩🚩 continue to persist. 2. Leadership conflicts of interest continue with HVNA and HVMA’s presidents at the helm. 3. To date we have submitted 3 disclosure … Read post

Skateboard Sign and Ramps at Patricia’s Green

LAST UPDATE: October 22nd We were prompted of a skateboard sign and ramps newly installed at Patricia’s Green. The sign installation was captured on Twitter. Definitely not a sign Public Works would post there. That’s not a Public Works employee. We don’t have unmarked white hardhats like that and there is no logo on the vest. This is some classic … Read post

Head West Market Event Permit Initiative

(previously aka: Urban Air) Update March 9th:At today’s hearing, Head West received approval for only 2 dates. We anticipate another round of permitting will be forthcoming to address their desire to add 2 more weekends. We will update you here with any further developments. Dear Neighbors: An SFMTA ISCOTT hearing is slated for this Thursday for a proposed Head West … Read post