Focus Areas

We pride ourselves on our boots-on-the-ground approach. Our volunteer advocates have 45+ years of experience championing for quality of life, public safety, housing and small business initiatives in Hayes Valley.

Here are some of the areas/issues that we have focus on:

  1. Community Outreach & Representation: we drill down on initiatives impacting the neighborhood.
  2. Public Safety
  3. Traffic Calming: we are advocating for traffic calming measures at various points in the neighborhood. Our current efforts include working with Northern Station, Dean Preston’s office, and SFMTA.
  4. Small Business Representation
  5. Street Cleanliness
  6. Shared Streets: we continue to advocate for fair and just process in the permit review and approval process to ensure equal opportunity representation for businesses impacted by the closure. We successfully advocated for the re-opening of the 500 block of Hayes.
  7. Camera Surveillance: gathering information regarding the possibility of camera surveillance being implemented in our business district.
  8. Extended Parking Meter times
  9. Garbage
  10. Formula Retail Ban Enforcement
  11. 555 Fulton: Trader Joe’s
  12. Homelessness, Tents & Addiction
  13. Affordability
  14. Transit: restoring bus line 21 Hayes
  15. Living Alley Projects in Hayes Valley
  16. Tree issues
  17. Hayes Valley Freeway Commemoration Project: we continue to advocate for a fair process for this project. Extensive info is available on our blog.
  18. 340 and 362 Fell Street: Rivian Automotive
  19. History Preservation
  20. Tenancy and Lease issues