How can I voice my concerns to you and get help with the issues I’m tackling on my street?

We would love to connect with you. Please reach out to us here.

How can I be kept in the loop on the issues HVSafe is working on?

We do our best to post issues/news that surfaces here. You can also join our information network here.

I’m struggling trying to get insight from the Supervisor’s office on an issue in the neighborhood? I don’t get a reply when I reach out. What do you recommend I do?

We hear this frequently. Let’s connect. There’s a greater success in numbers… and we’re able to mobilize if there are multiple voices with a compelling stance. We believe working with neighbors has never been more critical.

What is the difference between your Public Safety Group and the “Hayes Valley Public Safety Committee?

The “Hayes Valley Public Safety Committee” is a committee under the purview of the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association (HVNA) but it chooses to omit the organization’s name while it seeks a level of control and separation from the HVNA. We agree and understand that this is cause for confusion in the community; we also view this reality as one that accentuates the cracks within the HVNA organization.

We view the use of the term “Hayes Valley Public Safety” as one that is representative/applicable and well within the rights of any coalition or organization to use when working to better Hayes Valley, as our group at HVSafe does. When we hold an event or meeting we are mindful to refer to it as a HVSafe initiative in order to avoid any cause for confusion.

Interesting tidbit: our first coalition back when COVID hit was focused on Public Safety in Hayes Valley. We created, managed and hosted the first online public safety meeting format for Hayes Valley Proper and surrounding areas for over a year. Since then we’ve moved our efforts back to coalition building as we consider that one of our organization’s core strengths.