Encampments on Page and Gough


Neighbors and businesses on and around Page and Gough have been stressed with the ongoing encampment crisis at this location.

This morning the City instructed the encampments to move around the corner while a new street light was being installed.

A representative of HVSafe was on the scene and spoke to SFPD and an outreach worker. We were told that there is nothing that can be done and that this issue lies in the hands for the Homeless Coalition. All individuals were offered housing and they denied.

Update August 11th
Neighbors have planter boxes installed. Encampments move over on to Gough.
Note: planter box installations have been privately funded by neighbors. Please get in touch with us if you are able to help financially. Volunteers are also needed to help with upkeep. 🙂

Update August 13th
A big tent is back.

Update October 4th
Neighbors cited a stabbing in a tent at this location. SFPD and an ambulance arrived at the scene. The camper crawled back into the tent and refused to leave.

Update October 7th
A fire broke out at this location this afternoon. The fire started while the tent was left unattended. Neighbors are citing electrical usage being tapped from the telephone pole to provide power to appliances. SFPD explained that since the tent is a domicile their hands are tied – hence why no action can be taken.

Update October 27th
The area is clear of tents.

Will keep you updated with further developments.

The present day conditions that accompany sharing our streets with those that are unsheltered has developed into something seriously insurmountable. The magnitude and scope of its affects on this neighborhood is something that needs to be cured.

Tent Free Zone Petition, Hayes Valley