We Did Not Form a Coup

The year leading up to the 2020 HVNA (Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association) Election was a doozy in large part because past President (Gail Baugh) was still calling the shots while the new president (Craig Hamburg) stepped into the role.  2019 also marked the year of the District 5 supervisor campaign. The following contentious issues arose during the 2019 board year: … Read post

Hayes Valley Safe

The Genesis of HVSafe

Once we decided to roll out this series we knew we had to kick things off with a brief reflection on the time and circumstances of when HVSafe officially began its efforts.  Let’s set the stage shall we. Albeit the existing neighborhood organization (HVNA, Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association) has had a long standing presence in the neighborhood, many neighbors/small businesses … Read post

Founder Ejected from HVNA Meeting, Again

We’re still reeling from the last reprimand by the HVNA and then last night Richard was ejected from the HVNA T&P meeting. Unreal. This time it’s even more brazen! Here’s the exchange that occurred on Zoom once Richard raised his Zoom hand to get in line to speak….and the result was: he was kicked out of the meeting. Following that … Read post

Founder Reprimanded by HVNA President

As luck would have it while we’re beginning our series ‘behind the scenes‘ …one of our founders received the following email last week from the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association’s (HVNA) president. A bit of context here: earlier this month he attended one meeting and was censored heavily when asking particulars. Consequently at a later meeting on the same day he … Read post

Behind the Scenes Series

We’re launching a ‘behind the scenes’ series on the humble beginnings of HVSafe, neighborhood politics and players in Hayes Valley who are setting out to shape policies and decisions which are impacting our community. Why are we doing this? When there are those trying to stop our right to advocate and vocalize our views we see a need to expose … Read post