HVSafe Letter to Planning Department, RE: Trader Joe’s at 555 Fulton

We thank all of you who reached out to us to add your .02 and concerns about Trader Joe’s. We’re sharing our recent correspondence to the Planning Department and some of our positions on this matter. We recognize taking a position is often fraught with apprehension, but we believe it’s critical for the health of civic dialogue, advocacy and the … Read more

Trader Joe’s Planning Commission Meeting – July 22nd

Meeting info: Thursday, July 22, 2021 Time 1:00pm *This is item #14 – so expect this item to be presented late afternoon/early evening Info found here: https://sfplanning.org/event/planning-commission-142 555 FULTON STREET – southeast corner of Laguna Street; Lot 058 in Assessor’s Block 0794(District 5) – Request for C o nditional Use Authorization pursuant to Planning Code Sections303(c), 303.1, 703.4, and 249.35A … Read more

Inquiries Received Re: Wires Installed on Business Corridor

We’ve received several inquiries about wire installations seen overhead along Hayes and Gough Street. Workers informed those inquiring that Lloyd Silverstein has them under contract. We’re drilling down on the matter. Highlights of the tree issues via images Communication with Llloyd Silverstein and Urban Forestry

An Open Letter Re: Encampment Fire on Octavia

Dear San Francisco Agencies: RE: Encampment Sets Fire on Octavia We’re bypassing the step of sending in another email or letter to describe our outrage; it’s apparent that emails don’t yield any response or action these days. Worth noting, our Co-Founder Richard Johnson sent this text regarding the fire: Supervisor Preston, Captain Yep & Kyle this fire happened today around … Read more

San Francisco’s Approach to Addiction Recovery is Unequipped

Our friend and top addiction recovery advocate Tom Wolf hit the nail on the head with his recent post in Hope Street Coalition. Please take a read and pass along. The more attention and advocacy we get on this subject the better. San Francisco is trying to address its addiction crisis with more street outreach, safe sleeping sites, and street-crisis … Read more

Encampment Sets Fire on Octavia

Neighbors in the late afternoon were alarmed by a tent fire which started due to a burning candle by a camper on Octavia Boulevard. Richard Johnson has reached out to Supervisor Preston and Captain Yep’s office. We’ll report back with more details and an update. You can check out our open letter here to City Agencies and please show your … Read more

Trees on Octavia Being Destroyed

There is an un-housed man making deep cuts into the bark of the remaining trees on Octavia Boulevard. He is camped on the East sidewalk between Haight and Page Street. He is harmless but has been observed with a hunting knife in hand. This matter has been ongoing for approximately 4 weeks. He has been approached and neighbors have cited … Read more

Asian Woman Attacked in front of Live Fit Gym

HVSafe and neighbors are very troubled by a recent attack on an Asian woman by a (presumed) unhoused man (see photo); the incident occurred in broad daylight in front of Live Fit Gym on Gough Street. Witnesses include owners and employees of local businesses, who helped on the scene. We’re currently reaching out for more info. If you have any … Read more

Koshland Park Assault

We’re deeply anxious after hearing about our neighbor Elke’s recent experience and assault at Koshland Park earlier this week (recently posted on NextDoor). We neighbors are increasingly feeling heightened levels of fear with the current conditions on our streets. If you have insight on the person who harmed Elke – please connect with her on NextDoor – or feel free … Read more

The Only Way to House ALL People Living on the Street

(Today, Tomorrow, & Forever) Opinion by George P. Denny Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this commentary are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of HVSafe. You’ll meet all kinds of people if you live in San Francisco long enough, but it may take a lifetime to find someone who actually supports our … Read more