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effective community advocacy relies on understanding the change you want. Steps in getting there include understanding your community, collaborating, organizing, building coalitions and pushing the boundaries on possibilities.


Drop us a line here with your concerns, questions or insight on what’s happening on your street.



10/25/21 •Updates added: Shooting on Buchanan & Supervisor Preston announces Community Meeting on Public Safety

10/24/21 • Bulletin: Shooting on Buchanan

10/12/21 • Walgreens at Gough Closing November 15th

10/1/21 • Northern Station Newsletter

9/28/21 • Update from Captain Yep regarding Shooting at Webster and Grove

9/18/21 • Bulletin: Shooting at Webster and Grove

9/13/21 • Update from Captain Yep about recent Assaults at Patricia’s Green

Advocacy in Action

10/25/21 • The Freeway Commemoration Project: Quick Followup to SFPA Announcement

10/14/21 • Statement re: the HVNA ~ Setting the record straight

9/06/21 • Want the 21 Bus back in Hayes Valley? Make sure to take the SFMTA Survey

9/1/21 • RE: Rivian Letter to Planning Department & Some of our Positions

8/25/21 • The Freeway Commemoration Project: Brief Recap

8/17/21 • The Freeway Commemoration Project: Takeaways from MOCAC Meeting


Community Board

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Freeway Commemoration Project

Help us call for a fair process! Due to the many conflicts of interest, cronyism, lack of transparency, and inadequate community input we are on a campaign to ask for a rewind and reset on this project to ensure a fair selection & proper oversight.

NEXt UPDATE coming soon

“Without community service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It’s important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It’s the way in which we ourselves grow and develop.”

Dorothy Height