News Updates

6/10/21 • Octavia Encampment Fire Quick Update

6/7/21-6/9/21• Inquiries received about wires being installed on business corridor

6/7/21 • An Open Letter Re: Encampment Fire on Octavia

6/3/21 • Opinion: San Francisco’s Approach to Addiction Recovery is Unequipped

6/2/21 • Encampment Sets Fire on Octavia

5/27/21 • Trees on Octavia Being Destroyed: we need additional support from residents to get more attention on this matter.

5/21/21 • Neighborhood Bulletin: Asian Woman Attacked in front of Live Fit Gym

5/7/21 • Neighborhood Bulletin: Koshland Park Assault

4/15/21 • Read The Only Way to House All People Living on the Street (Today, Tomorrow, & Forever) Opinion by George Denny

4/6/21 • Thoughts on Trader Joe’s: Traffic and Parking

3/24/21 • An Open Letter on Public Safety and Crime in San Francisco

3/23/21 • More Thoughts on Trader Joe’s Pre Application Meeting Takeaways

3/16/21 • A Take on Recent Merchant Break-ins in Hayes Valley

3/11/21 • Formula Retail Chain Trader Joe’s in Hayes Valley? Read our thoughts as we head in to Tuesday’s Pre Application Meeting

3/2/21 • Freedom West Proposed Development for Golden Gate Ave, Laguna, Fulton and Gough Street

3/1/21 • Update: Hayes Valley Foot Beat Patrol

2/25/21 • Read An Ode to the Black Moderate: The Savior of America, Opinion by George Denny

2/22/21 • We’re very concerned with the situation unfolding at 340 & 362 Fell Street as it will potentially displace three of Hayes Valley’s long standing independent businesses

2/12/21 • Read Opinion Columnist George Denny’s First 2021 Contribution: Just Questions, To Begin

2/11/21 • Hayes Valley Small Independent Businesses Cite Concerns Over Commercial Realtors Seeking to Leverage Pandemic to Allow Chain Stores in Neighborhood

2/05/21 • Shared Streets Program resumes on Hayes St

1/29/21 • San Francisco Police Advise the Public of Senior Service Program Impostors Going Door to Door Read Bulletin Alert

12/31/20 • Thomas Wolf is interviewed in today’s Los Angeles Times: San Francisco struggles to stem ‘horrific’ uptick in opiod overdoses, drug abuse

12/15/20 • Thank you! We reached our goal for the fundraiser to support Nabila’s.

12/11/20 • Shared Streets Program on Hayes St suspended

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