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To: Mayor London Breed and Supervisor Dean Preston

Re: Hayes Valley Octavia Freeway Commemoration Project

We are hereby petitioning an appeal that the City and County of San Francisco support Hayes Valley’s demand for a new and transparent approach for the Octavia Freeway Commemoration Project; we ask that you reject the current design plan recently announced by San Francisco Parks Alliance.


The process to date, which has largely flown under the radar of the neighborhood (no less during a pandemic) has allowed a simple commemoration plan to morph into a grandiose design that wreaks of a boulevard improvement plan. Because the proposed design is bloated in scope and budget, it brings into question its potential impacts on traffic, housing, and socioeconomic factors – none of which have been gauged.

We are petitioning to:

  • Preserve this integral piece of history for future generations in an honorable way
  • Start anew the design process which to date has entailed an alarming level of impropriety, a sham of a voting process, and dismal community outreach
  • To stop the proposed plans for altering Patricia’s Green, the very park that was implemented in honor of Patricia Walkup (the lead organizer and activist for the freeway removal campaign)
  • To ensure a fair and equitable process that includes broad community input from many walks, sectors, interests and stakeholders (not limited to the interests of a select few)
  • Demand that oversight be handled free of conflicts of interest and corruption
  • Make certain that project funding details be disclosed to the public

Because this project is of great significance to the neighborhood of Hayes Valley we believe that a level of fair community input and participation is critical to achieve a successful and equitable outcome. Let’s not forget, it took three votes to arrive at a consensus for the freeway removal…there’s no reason to rush the process to memorialize this monumental part of our community’s history.

Thank you.

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