Founder Blocked from HVNA Meeting Again

Richard made numerous attempts to attend the HVNA Public Safety Meeting last night. He was blocked repeatedly.

While this is not the first case of such problematic behavior by the HVNA this occurrence comes on the heels of a major fire that occurred last week on Octavia. Richard as a community leader and HVNA member was eager to attend as a means of being informed.

He did register for the meeting a day prior so this fiasco of an outcome does not make a whole lot of sense.

On a side note: SFStandard reports this meeting being a “town hall” which brings into question the censorship that transpired here even more-so. The HVNA leadership has been notorious for grandstanding in the presence of press.

It’s also not the first time that the HVNA has convened a meeting under the pretense of a town hall and limited attendance. Check our our recent podcast where we discuss the June HVNA hosted meeting with Supervisor Dean Preston.


August 9th:
We sent a feedback email to Bob Barnwell.

August 21st:
Richard sent this letter to San Francisco leadership.

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