Demand to Lift the Injunction

Attention Mayor London Breed and Board of Supervisors: We oppose Judge Ryu’s injunction prohibiting our City from enforcing its laws against public camping and demand that our City fulfill its mandate to protect and serve San Francisco residents. We need our City leadership to deliver on sound solutions to get people off our streets. The current approach to address rampant … Read post

November Local Ballot Measures

Looking ahead, here are some of the November measures and what they seek to address: Education funding Moving city elections to even-numbered years Affordable housing New taxes for homeowners and businesses Access to Golden Gate Park and the Great Highway Visit SFGov for all the info. You can also visit our previous post on the Election Preview.

November 2022 Election Preview

Ballot Measures to Watch Tax on Vacant Residential Units.  This measure HAS qualified for the ballot. You can read the summary here. Summary: Supervisors Preston, Chan, Peskin, and the Democratic Socialist Association (DSA) are supporting a ballot measure that would tax residential building owners and individual condo owners if left vacant. “Vacant” in this context includes: if the owner travels … Read post