Guiding Principals of Civic Engagement

The following are our guiding principals that we strive to uphold while we navigate through San Francisco’s complex civics and neighborhood politics:

  • Review and Planning
    • Only through thorough review of the facts, processes and connections with stakeholders are we able to serve the neighborhood clearly with a concise overview of the initiatives/issues for community awareness and solutions (when applicable).
  • Outreach and Impact
    • We strive to ensure participation by encouraging facilitation of feedback via multiple means of outreach; a positive impact is only possible by fostering and encouraging others to engage.
  • Collaboration
    • We support and encourage neighbors and businesses to participate in the civic process. In an effort to advance common good, we seek a bilateral forum of communication between neighbors and City Agencies.
  • Demographic Diversity and Inclusion for Democratic Legitimacy
    • We believe that the incorporation of diverse voices, people, ideas and information is the only way to achieve equitable representation and quality outcomes across our community/neighborhood. Additionally we view the acceptance of dissent and embracing the right to petition as a vital cornerstone in civic engagement work.
  • Transparency of Process for Sustainable Engagement and Participation
    • We believe in sharing information and encouraging all involved to consider all aspects of the issues in an effort to generate a range of views and positions. Fostering and promoting ongoing engagement is paramount to our participation in the civic process.