The Freeway Commemoration Project: part 4

Brief Recap When we initially began to drill down on the Freeway Commemoration project back in early July we could not predict we would be embarking on a campaign for a rectification of a flawed process.  Each attempt to gather information via conversations or meeting attendance has contributed to the handful of summaries we’ve posted on our blog; without the … Read post

The Freeway Commemoration Project: part 3

Takeaways from MOCAC Meeting A handful of community members joined the Market Octavia Community Advisory Committee (MOCAC) meeting last night (Monday August 16th, 2021) to hear item 7 on the agenda (the Freeway Commemoration Project). We checked in with neighbors who attended; for all it was a first time attending a MOCAC meeting. Here’s a brief synopsis of what transpired … Read post

The Freeway Commemoration Project: part 2

Project Red Flags As cited in our initial post here, HVSafe was prompted last month about several shenanigans pertaining to the process and conflicts of interest that have transpired in this project. Read our Part 1 for background on the project here. In this post we will drill down on areas that raise red flags. Budget Expenditures We’ve heard rumblings … Read post

The Freeway Commemoration Project: part 1

Project Background The Freeway Commemoration Project has been a topic of discussion over the last couple of years. The idea of a project to commemorate the historic and activist nature of the event has been well received by residents and merchants of Hayes Valley. While there are many moving parts to this story and the situation remains fluid, we thought … Read post

Hayes Valley Freeway Commemoration Project

Flying Low Under the Radar A project to commemorate the removal of the Central Freeway has for the most part flown under the radar. We have been prompted of shenanigans pertaining to the process, selection of committee and panel members, and several conflicts of interests. More details forthcoming. Resources Part 1 Project Background Part 2 Project Red Flags Part 3 … Read post

HVSafe Meets with IDEO

IDEO is an AGENCY that is preparing a proposal for the Hayes Valley Freeway Commemoration Project. We met with them to give background on the both the history and current state of the neighborhood. We feel their team has a solid handle on the key dynamics of the past and present Hayes Valley. To date we have not been contacted … Read post