Takeaways from MOCAC Meeting

A handful of community members joined the Market Octavia Community Advisory Committee (MOCAC) meeting last night (Monday August 16th, 2021) to hear item 7 on the agenda (the Freeway Commemoration Project). We checked in with neighbors who attended; for all it was a first time attending a MOCAC meeting.

Here’s a brief synopsis of what transpired and takeaways by those that attended:

  • MOCAC did not have a quorum; a motion for a decision or change of course on this matter was not going to happen.
  • A representative from Supervisor Dean Preston’s office was not in attendance.
  • Attendees (including HVSafe members) voiced many of the concerns outlined here in more ways than we could count.
  • San Francisco Parks Alliance (SFPA) seemingly took the position that no foul has occurred and went as far as to say the process that has unfolded has been ‘democratic’. There was serious push back on this notion.
  • Several attendees asked for this process to be halted both vocally and in the chat.
  • Chair Krute Singa when pressed said she was not sure what to do; she expressed concern about the ‘vote in process’ which in our view is a moot point considering that the vote by the community will only be a consideration by the jury. She also mentioned that more community input and participation was needed in this process. (We agree!)
  • We learned that Gail Baugh resigned from the committee which only heightens our concern of wrongdoing.
  • SFPA indicated that it was not a sure thing that either of the design teams would be chosen. We’re not clear on the meaning of this statement.
  • Our concerns were not alleviated, in fact we have more questions about fairness of process.

Slide deck presentation available here.

Our focus on shining light on the lack of transparency and numerous conflicts of interest on this matter continues.

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