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Quick Followup to SFPA Announcement

our consensus

The outcome at this juncture is not surprising and is as we suspected: predetermined. You can read the announcement from SFPA here. The Project Red Flags remain the same and have been compounded with this recent development. In an era when corruption is running rampant in City government it’s even more disheartening that it’s running amuck at the neighborhood level.

get involved

We want to thank everyone who took the time to send in a letter of support to the Supervisor asking for a transparent and reset to the recent process. These efforts and your outreach have been acknowledged.

The details of the SFPA announcement has resulted in more people stepping forward to help with this advocacy effort. If you care about this project and the process we encourage you to contact us.

next steps

After addressing multiple action items by our coalition and having conducted further information gathering and outreach, we have made a group assessment and have kicked off a formal petition. Please show your support and sign today.

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followup to MOCAC Meeting

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