Takeaways from MOCAC Meeting (6.21.22)

…the Freeway Commemoration Project continued

Representatives of HVSafe attended Tuesday’s MOCAC Meeting. The Freeway Commemoration Project was item 4 on the agenda. Below are bullet points of what was shared at this meeting. We remain steadfast in keeping you informed of developments of this looming project which will impact Hayes Valley while we continue to advocate for a new and transparent approach amidst a lack of community awareness and process.


  • Robin Levitt (MOCAC member who proposed a resolution at March’s meeting) pressed to clarify allegations that MOCAC had representation in the creation of the RFP for the Commemoration Project; he emphasized their sub-minimal part. Additionally he highlighted that MOCAC never saw the RFP or weighed in. Robin in an effort of setting the record straight also explained that he raised many objections about the RFP and never got a response from the working group committee.🚩🚩🚩
  • Robin noted that he was removed from the working project committee (which he did not accept) and was unilaterally removed from any communication regarding the project. More alarming, he explained he did not receive any response to his inquiries on the matter. He also noted that SFPA referenced his removal in a report. 🚩🚩🚩
  • Robin pointed out that the MOCAC had no involvement of the jury selection process either. He also highlighted that the jury had no representatives that live in Hayes Valley nor were there any jurors who had historical knowledge of the freeway removal. 🚩🚩🚩
  • Project has been renamed to Octavia because according to SFPA it’s quite ‘catching’🚩🚩
  • The Octavia Project Alliance: a group of HVNA Board Members, Committee Chair and HVMA President are now leading the project. Jen Laska, HVNA President, is taking the director role since she’s “enthusiastic about project and lives on Oak”. Lloyd Silverstein, HVNA Committee Chair, HVMA President, and past HVNA Board Member is handling “fund raising”. 🚩🚩🚩
  • The Alliance Group is looking to SFPA for a fiscal sponsorship.

Other Observations & Commentary:

  • Chat was turned off.
  • Two HVNA board members: Barbara Thompson and Babs Early were out of order during the meeting and claimed disagreement with Robin’s comments.
  • Parcel K & L: no plans for affordable housing from MOHCD. Leases are currently being negotiated for 36 months. Robin expressed shock that there are no plans for affordable housing on vacant parcels as this was designated 20 years ago by the City. He questioned why the City is not being more aggressive.
  • Vacant lots are eyesores and trash strewn.
  • Trader Joe’s: Planning Dept waiting on NSR.
  • Matt Snyder from SFPlanning presented this presentation and there was a brief discussion that included: inquiry about a study on the removal of the freeway.

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