Takeaways from Appointed Design Team’s Workshop (6.9.22)

Here are some bullet points of the appointed design team’s workshop for the Freeway Commemoration Project which was held last Thursday, June 9th:

  • In the same vein of their current survey the workshop was skewed toward their intentions; it gave the feeling that the intent and original idea of a memorial is being left in the rear view mirror.
  • Questions were posed in a way to reinforce their drive to move forward on a grandiose capital improvement project for Octavia Boulevard paying tribute to the current Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association (HVNA) Board and further highlighting the financial interests of all parties involved.
  • In keeping with their land grab vibe, it’s becoming obvious their intent is to close off & reduce car access to side side streets of Octavia Blvd. 
  • A member of the design team referenced that they are pushing to expand open space on Parcel K and Parcel O.
  • Their plan involves a total redo of Patricia’s Green and reads grandiose with lots of concrete.
  • We have also noticed that the project name has been modified to “Octavia Project” on promotional material

Richard Johnson

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