Hayes Valley “Community Board”

LAST UPDATE: March 1, 2024

A new installation on Parcel K

Last week we were prompted of a new community board installation at the Proxy location.

We are concerned that a temporary public space which has been intended for affordable housing now houses a communications board under the guise of “community” which will be in control of 2 organizations (HVNA, HVMA/Council) along with the for profit company Proxy; all have been vocal about maintaining Proxy.  Meanwhile the sign posted at Proxy (in accordance with the lease) which notifies the public that this parcel will eventually be developed into affordable housing remains faded, smaller in size and out of public view.

We believe there should be an open process for equal community input on a public property space.

  • Lloyd Silverstein removing hvsafe flyer.


August 9, 2023:

A record search demonstrates that a breach in the Proxy lease provisions has occurred; a permit has not been filed for this installation. The matter has been forwarded to the Mayor’s Office of Housing.

August 10th:

Back side of board has a new tagged message. Looks like there are those that agree with our stance. Note: we do not agree that tagging any property is a good practice. We will continue to post our flyers to press on the injustice that is happening in our community.

August 11th:

A recent social media post by the HVNA demonstrates their control. A consideration of what can or cannot be posted on a “community board” should not be in the sole control of the HVNA.

August 17th:

Representatives of HVSafe had an encounter with a HVNA board member yesterday afternoon. We asked this member why our flyers were being taken down. We were provided a series of responses which included “your flyers are going down because they cover our flyers.” When pressed further about the exclusive access for this board, the response provided was: “who paid for this?”

We also reminded this member that this is public property.

August 18th:

Representatives of HVSafe witnessed an HVMA board member removing our flyers from the “Community Board” yesterday. Subsequently he then came over to tell us that it is a misdemeanor to post our flyer on “this private property”.

August 30th:

Super grateful to hear from neighbors that they agree with our cause.

We continue to post our flyers on the bulletin board and naturally they continue to be taken down.

Read our letter sent to the office of the Mayor, Supervisor, and the Real Estate Division.

September 1st:

The locked up approach to a neighborhood board seems to be problematic for others as we observe flyers (like ours) being adhered to the outside of the glass.

September 8th:

Permit filed.

october 12th:

It is interesting what flyers make the cut on this board. In the face of community engagement with all stakeholders for the Hayes Street Weekend Closure — the controllers of this bulletin board are pushing their agenda.

March 1, 2024:

Despite not applying for a permit for the bulletin board installation on the onset (we had prompted City Agencies that a permit was not pulled) an inaccurate project cost was submitted after the fact. The permit which was filed in early September indicates a $3500 cost while their membership financials have a line item cost for 8K.

More updates to follow.