Shared Street Closure Permit Renewal – 300 Block of Hayes

It is increasingly evident that justification for the Shared Street Closure on Hayes Street has run its course. The program, hastily enacted under emergency policy, has not been subject to community review since its initial roll out in August of 2020. This lack of process has allowed the permittee, HVNA (Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association), to control the closure without input … Read post

Thoughts on Trader Joe’s: Traffic and Parking

Pre Application Meeting Takeaways continued You can read part 1 of our thoughts here. Traffic and parking concerns were at the forefront of the topics covered at the meeting. For a neighborhood plagued with traffic congestion, reckless driving issues and SFMTA continuing to minimize parking options it’s understandable that there are serious concerns of the impacts this chainstore will bring … Read post

More Thoughts on Trader Joe’s

Pre Application Meeting Takeaways Last week’s Pre Application meeting with Trader Joe’s left us with more questions than answers. The overall vibe of the meeting was mixed. On one hand, Trader Joe’s fans expressed overall enthusiasm about the plan. On the other, there was a myriad of concerns expressed by attendees. Concerns fielded at the meeting included topics pertaining to … Read post

A Take on Recent Merchant Breakins in Hayes Valley

A recent post in Public Comment SF about merchants being hit hard with breakins made our eyes roll a tad due to the outspokenness of a few chairmen of the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association (HVNA). Side note, we think it’s unfortunate the piece did not carry the view of small businesses on the corridor, but we recognize timing isn’t always … Read post

Formula Retail Chain Trader Joe’s in Hayes Valley?

The impact of bringing Formula Retail Chain Trader Joe’s to Hayes Valley is not being taken lightly by many long term businesses in the neighborhood, many of whom have shaped the character of the merchant corridor. Even more relevant to this topic is many of them have not been included in any of the discussions regarding Trader Joe’s. Here are … Read post

Update: Hayes Valley Foot Beat Patrol

While Officers Schiff and Graham have been on the Hayes Valley foot beat for a few months, fellow Officers Tano and Chinawah will be joining them on patrol immediately. The officers will work on what is called “different sides of the watch,” per Captain Yep. “Between the four of them there will be seven days a week coverage” working from … Read post

340 & 362 Fell Street

SocketSite put up a real short commentary today on the subject. You can read it here. HVSafe is very concerned with the situation unfolding at 340 & 362 Fell Street as it will potentially displace three of Hayes Valley’s long standing independent businesses: California Detailing Inc, Domport Auto Body, and New Fell St Automotive Inc. HVSafe has been in contact … Read post