End of Year Message

As we end 2022 we want to reflect on the collective efforts by our community members and partners. Entering our 3rd year at HVSafe we are invigorated and optimistic about our role as a young organization responsible for advocating for quality of life needs and interests for neighbors and small businesses. We view our partnership with you as one that is bilateral and necessary in providing critical representation for the Hayes Valley neighborhood.

Here are a few bullet points of what we’ve focused on this year:

  • HVSafe continues to have a pulse on critical Public Safety Issues in Hayes Valley; we maintain our position as an active and viable working group advocating for safety issues.
  • We’ve held regular scheduled meetings with the Supervisor’s Office and City Agencies.
  • We successfully advocated for the reopening of the 300 block of Hayes.
  • We maintained a pro housing position for developments in Hayes Valley which included advocating for family housing at 618 and 630 Octavia.
  • We prompted the Hayes Valley community about the possibility of surveillance being pushed by the HVNA.
  • We kicked off our awareness campaign about the community’s inability to use the Hayes Valley Community Center
  • We continued our position for the need to install traffic calming measures to combat traffic congestion in Hayes Valley.
  • We presented to the Community specific details and concerns with the proposed Octavia Freeway Commemoration Project by the HVNA and maintain an active Petition to demand a transparent approach.
  • We’ve pursued disclosure requests on several key neighborhood initiatives including leases for Parcels K & L and Parcels R & S.
  • We have continued our Behind the Scenes Series which drills down on our experiences with neighborhood politics and the HVNA.
  • We launched a podcast series. We encourage you to follow along to stay apprised of neighborhood and citywide initiatives.
  • We continue to advocate for housing and tenant issues in Hayes Valley.
  • Our Communications efforts continue to be strengthened as we expand our member outreach and input on key initiatives.
  • Thanks to generous and in kind donations from our members and volunteers we remain self sufficient and funded.

We’re proud of our consistency on process and due diligence which has increased our validity and credibility as an organization.  We look forward to staying the course in 2023 and continuing our advocacy efforts on a series of fronts which we’ll share with you next month.

Drop us a line if you have a concern or are looking to get involved.

HVSafe Communications Team