Suggestions to Combat Traffic Congestion in Hayes Valley

Richard recently attended a meeting put on by SFCTA. We’re sharing his comments about ways to combat the multitude of traffic issues in Hayes Valley. Many of these thoughts have been shared with City Agencies while we’ve been working on Traffic Calming Issues for the neighborhood.

We believe that ‘long game’ remedies need to be put into place which Richard outlines in his commentary – here are a few he mentions:

  • Delivery trucks need dedicated commercial drop-offs (this is a weak link)
  • There’s no encouragement to reduce traffic in our neighborhood (too many solo drivers); we need a City driven educational campaign to encourage carpooling
  • We need regional buses (and other transit connections) to offset traffic congestion
  • We need to prioritize connecting residents with local employers

You can listen to the quick segment here.

The complete meeting found here.