SFMTA Hayes Valley Traffic Calming Update

We’re passing along some updates provided by Casey Hildreth at SFMTA.

These updates were provided on August 15th, 2022.

Page Street

As you may have seen last week, we are proposing to move forward with changes made to Page right before the pandemic (the ones that restricted vehicular access to Octavia and Central Freeway, and added a vehicle diverter at Webster Street). I have cut and pasted the project email update below, and there is more information available at www.sfmta.com/pageneighborway

We will not be seeking approval from our SFMTA Board until October most likely. As a way to efficiently gather public feedback, we are holding a virtual public hearing this Friday and outdoor office hours next Wednesday. 

In other news the raised intersection at Buchanan Street should be substantially completed this week, right before the school year starts. I am curious to see folks’ reactions to it in the coming months, so if you get a moment let me know how it feel/works for neighbors.


Here’s the most recent update from our operations engineer working on this location:

We’re still working out the new timing for Fell and Octavia. Not sure if this has been communicated to you as I don’t see it in this thread: In addition to removing actuation for the west crossing, we are also looking into adding a WBLT phase with left turn lane to help manage the long queues on Fell and a SB phase to provide a separate movement for bikes which are currently following the ped signals. There was some concern that removing actuation without the phasing changes would worsen congestion. However, we still need to check whether the cycle is long enough to accommodate the new phasing. This effort has turned out to be a bit more complex than expected, as it will now involve signal hardware changes as well as paint and sign work, so it’s taking some time to work out the details. We are now drafting the SRC and Paint/Sign work orders and, assuming the phasing works out, I can let you know when we release to the shops for scheduling. Hope that helps and let me know if you need more info.

Oak/Fell signal timing

In progress, no updates to share.

SFCTA Octavia Study 

I had a chance to talk with the TA recently and they are close to pushing out their survey results and draft funding recommendations. I expect more to be shared publicly in September/early October, but additional pedestrian safety measures on Oak and Fell, and more traffic-calming/streetscape planning for Octavia are likely to be recommended for funding. It’s likely that my team will be involved if those projects come through, and it would be a great opportunity to consider further safety upgradds to the locations that HVSafe and other community members have prioritized.