Cement Installation on Octavia at Page

We have been prompted of a new cement installation at Octavia. We’ve listened to a number of public safety concerns community wide and have voiced these concerns with City Agencies.

Update: Monday September 19, 3:30 pm

Richard and another neighbor spoke to the installer at the site. He explained that Lloyd Silverstein/HVMA and the HVNA gave him the approval to set up these installations.

Update Tuesday September 20th, 1:30 pm

Skateboarders are blocking the boulevard and traffic while using Page St as an on ramp, and posing in DPW vests. They also told a neighbor they know this is illegal and told him to “f off”.

Update Wednesday September 21st, 4pm

Our communications with DPW yielded a swift resolution. Nothing more than the usual trash heap remains.

… additional info to follow.