SFPD Online Community Meeting Registration Managed by SFSAFE

LAST UPDATE: January 25th 2024:
Over the course of the last year we’ve been in the process of having our case heard in front of the SOTF. We appreciate the commission’s professionalism adjudicating our complaint/case.

On Tuesday 1/23/24 we convened one last time with the SOTF regarding this matter and were informed that because of our efforts SFSAFE was removed from hosting meetings after our complaint was filed. The SOTF is demanding in writing a pledged commitment from SFPD about the future role of SFSAFE in SFPD Community Meetings.

More updates to follow including our statement about SFSAFE and executive director Kyra Worthy who was fired yesterday.

Update March 11th 2023:
We submitted a disclosure request in October, 2022 for a copy of the Zoom meeting.
SFPD did not respond in a timely manner so a complaint was filed with the Sunshine Ordinance Task Force (SOTF) in November, 2022.
In January 2023 the matter went to a hearing before the SOTF.
We’re still in communications on this matter and will prompt you of any updates.
Listen to our latest podcast episode for an update.

While many of us since Covid have gotten settled with online Zoom meetings, SFPD has continued to require meeting registration rather than include meeting info with the event listing/promotion. Richard in recent months has repeatedly asked to have the link sent to HVSafe so we can share with our members via our community communications. We believe providing people a readily available link (bypassing the need to register in advance) would foster more participation. This request to date has not been addressed.

Last week during the SFPD Northern Station meeting Richard was addressed in a condescending manner by the Director of SFSAFE, Kyra Worthy (*SFSAFE is a non profit that hosts and controls SFPD community meetings) on this topic. She made the following statement: the Federal Government requires registration/sign in sheets. This revelation has left us both puzzled and concerned. We’ve made multiple efforts to obtain a copy of the meeting recording.

We’re drilling down on this matter further.