Inquiries Regarding Rerouting the 21 Bus from Hayes to Grove

Over the past few days we’ve received a number of inquiries asking us about our position regarding the possibility of the 21 Hayes Bus being rerouted from Hayes Street on to Grove Street – so, we thought to address this here. HVSafe is in full support of restoring the 21 Hayes to its pre-Covid route. We do not support a … Read post

Walgreens at Gough Closing

We’re sad to hear that Walgreens will be closing its doors on November 15th at the Gough location in Hayes Valley. Walgreens to Close 5 San Francisco Locations Due to Continued Crime

Rumor by HVNA re: Captain Paul Yep

The rumor being circulated by the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association (HVNA) that we are engaged in an effort to oust Captain Paul Yep is false; it is disheartening that the HVNA would start a rumor like this with such malicious intent. We continue to support SFPD and their efforts during these challenging times.

An Open Letter on Public Safety and Crime in San Francisco

We stumbled upon this open letter by Adam Mayer that encapsulates the true essence of what many San Franciscans feel about the state of our city these days in regards to public safety, crime and the accountability of government agenices. It’s an excellent read and we hope it inspires you to have your voice heard. If you feel as strongly … Read post