How a neighborhood serving Communications Committee WAS SHUNNED

At the start of the Pandemic the HVNA Communications Committee Chairs were functioning on an island on their own, shut out from the HVNA board, dis-included from information and we’re used as a scapegoat at community meetings when the public pointed to the lack of community outreach by the HVNA.

Although we thought about writing this post for quite some time, we held off because rehashing this era is extremely tough as it exemplifies how the HVNA board wronged members (2 of which were founding members, and 1 being a small business); they were not only mistreated, discriminated against, and expelled1 – they have since been slandered by board members of the HVNA. It’s because of this we are compelled to shine light on this behavior.

Those that we’ve engaged with have either heard a false narrative or have been left in shock that a neighborhood association would go to such lengths to squash key voices in the neighborhood during a pandemic.

On the bright side since time has passed we’ve been able to collect our thoughts and reflect. It’s because of our conversations with YOU and others in the neighborhood who have encouraged us to share our experience, we are now ready to do so.

We’ll go over the timeline, correspondence and our inquiries (which HVNA leadership deducted to being a thorn in their side) to demonstrate the retaliatory path the HVNA was on due to the election. We’ll show you how leadership got it demonstrably wrong with their accusations, allegations and actions.

Look out for our upcoming podcast on this piece of history which gave way to the formation of our organization.

1 It is worth noting that one of the three Committee Chairs who was expelled by the 2020 HVNA board faced a legal threat by the HVNA board and was sought after to sign an agreement with terms to keep this matter ‘secret’. Since the HVNA was unsuccessful in getting this agreement in place we are breaking our silence on the details of this matter.

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