Rivian – 340 Fell- Planning Commission Meeting

Thursday September 2nd at 1pm

Request for Conditional Use Authorization, pursuant to Planning Code Sections 303 and 761 to authorize a merger of three existing tenant spaces, totaling 19,457 square feet, used for automotive repair to create a single non-residential use (automotive repair) greater than 2,999 square feet in the Hayes-Gough NCT (Neighborhood Commercial Transit) District and 40-X Height and Bulk District. This action constitutes the Approval Action for the project for the purposes of CEQA, pursuant to San Francisco Administrative Code Section 31.04(h).

Visit the SFGovTV website (https://sfgovtv.org/planning) to stream the live meetings or watch on a local television station. Public Comment call-in: (415) 655-0001 / Access code: 146 600 1291 / press *3 to request to speak

The public comment call-in line number will also be provided on the Department’s webpage https://sfplanning.org/ and during the live SFGovTV broadcast.