HVSafe Letter to Planning Department, RE: Rivian at 340 Fell

We’re sharing our recent correspondence to the Planning Department and some of our positions on this matter.

We recognize taking a position is often fraught with apprehension, but we believe it’s critical for the health of civic dialogue, advocacy and the right to redress.

Attention San Francisco Planning Commission:

We are astounded to read in the Planning Commission Project Summary and Draft Motion that Rivian’s “proposed use and character is compatible with the surrounding area and is on balance compatible with the General Plan and Use District”.  

We disagree. 

Rivian Automotive will introduce negative impacts on affordability in Hayes Valley. A luxury car dealer will only accentuate lack of affordability to residents during an era when many continue to be priced out. 

We are also troubled that representation of positions of small independent businesses was non-existent for the arrival of Trader Joe’s in Hayes Valley. The addition of Rivian will only exacerbate concerns among our local entrepreneurs and small store operators.

We also question the process that has been applied to the CU for Rivian. This proposal has been under the radar for both residents and businesses while a pandemic has undermined community outreach and input. 

Please deny this CU.

HVSafe Communications Team

HVSafe Positions:

  • We are not in support of the proposal for a Rivian Automotive in Hayes Valley because a luxury car showroom, funded by Amazon, Ford Motor Company, and Blackstone does not lend itself as a neighborhood serving business.
  • The interests and efforts of our local entrepreneurs are deeply intertwined with the unique character of our neighborhood; our locally funded small businesses in Hayes Valley built the equity and appeal of our business community which has now garnered the attention of deeply pocketed interests.
  • The encroachment of Rivian (or any emerging chain store) on our commercial landscape is a direct threat to the ability of small businesses to compete for leases, resources, and the political will of our City leadership.
  • Our positions shared with our Letter to Planning regarding Trader Joe’s mirror our positions on Rivian, you can read them here.