Cement Installation on Octavia Sidewalk at Hickory and Oak

On July 3rd we were prompted by a network of neighbors about an installation occurring on the sidewalk of Octavia and Hickory. Neighbors reported that those who spoke with the installers were told that the installation was a “City Project” for tent prevention.

We put in an inquiry with 311 with the aforementioned details, and were informed that this is “budget issue”. Our subsequent communications have included DPW and SFMTA.We have also reached out to the Police Captain who pointed out that “cement structures are not related to criminal activity and encompasses engineering, construction, and related activities carried out by government, for the benefit of citizens.” We suspect there’s belief among the Agencies that this is truly a “City Project” which is why we’ve gotten the runaround. We’ve also heard from Supervisor Preston’s Office that they are looking into the matter with SFMTA. We’ve yet to hear back.

On July 6th we noticed an outdated sign was affixed to a saw horse in front of the unfinished installation. On July 9th 311 instructed us to contact DPW Bureau of Street Use and Mapping (BSM) for information. Yesterday we left our inquiry with that department and we have yet to hear back.

Update August 4th

Installation breakdown.

Update July 25th

DPW is aware of the newer installation as well as seen in this photo.

Update July 13th 3:10 pm

We’ve had a couple of calls with DPW today. They admitted there is an issue here. A few neighbors spoke to a DPW agent at the site and he explained that they will be handling restoring the sidewalk sometime within the month (so they estimate).

Yesterday we observed skateboarders at the new installation.

We’ll report back with updates as we receive them.

4 thoughts on “Cement Installation on Octavia Sidewalk at Hickory and Oak”

  1. It’s interesting HVSafe has reached out to 311, Northern Station, DPW & Supervisor Preston for information. Funny how HVSafe & a group of civic minded citizens has figured out what’s going on. We all knew it was illegal, posed a safety hazard & only replaced the homeless nuisance with a skateboarder nuisance. Makes you wonder why we pay these city officials.

  2. A skater almost ran into my dog and I as we were walking on Octavia – very dangerous for pedestrians and the elderly in particular.

  3. Thank you for all your efforts to keep us informed. While the struggle is real with bureaucracy to get answers when things like this just pop up we appreciate the team effort to stay the course. It’s clear that neighbors near the location were told a tale by the guys putting this in that this was a city project.

  4. Try negotiating a wheelchair, or a baby carriage with two toddlers on each side, past that. People have to wait to pass until the action stops.

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