Hayes Valley Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition Selection at Patricia’s Green

Our initial inquiry regarding community participation process

Back in December we were prompted of the following RFP for a new Sculpture Display in Patricia’s Green. The detailed RFP makes reference to one neighborhood group being involved so naturally members and volunteers from Hayes Valley Safe posed the question “how can we be part of the process?”

We reached out to SFAC multiple times via email and phone to no avail. Finally at the end of January we made contact with Project Manager Rebeka Rodriguez and were informed that the panel selection is closed, end of story….there was no way any of us could get onto the panel. It was referenced that the panel process was long and had been concluded. We asked why we hadn’t heard of it or received any outreach to get involved – and no substantive answer was received. Rebeka kept referencing that she was in a ‘new role’ and was learning about the process. We did find out that of the 3-4 panelists there is one panelists from the HVNA while the others are paid panelists.

We were praised for our interest and told we could get on the list for the next sculpture selection. We have asked for info to get on the list and are waiting.

In our view something doesn’t add up here. An art installation is coming into the neighborhood and both HVSafe and the HVSBA have received zero contact or offering to be involved in any selection process.

We’ll keep pressing and will report back with any further developments.