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Welcome to our round table chat. We explore the issues around us and the challenges impacting civic engagement in San Francisco.

Episode 31

We checkin with Adam from BetterSOMA to discuss San Francisco’s issues, government and upcoming election. Topics we discuss include: San Francisco’s drug  crisis,  San Francisco leadership, politics, small business, Mayor London Breed, Jennifer
Friedenbach, Dean Preston, Mark Farrell, Daniel Lurie, District 5, District 6, the 2024 election, Tenderloin, GrowSF and TogetherSF. Recorded 3/20/24.

Episode 30

In our intro conversation with Alan Burradell he shares some insight on the current Elections Commission Redistricting dynamics and his advocacy efforts.

Episode 29

We discuss the shared street closure on the 400 block of Hayes and the frenzy that ensued after SFMTA announced the permit was slated to end. Topics discussed: permit process ambiguity, politicization of the closed street program, small business, traffic and transportation in Hayes Valley, neighborhood open space, and lack of balance by the media/press. HVNA/HVMA mentions: Jen Laska and Lloyd Silverstein. Recorded 7/26/23.

Episode 28

We checkin with Adam from BetterSOMA to discuss San Francisco’s issues and politics. Topics we discuss include: San Francisco’s fentanyl crisis, San Francisco leadership, politics, small business, Mayor London Breed, DA Brooke Jenkins and the media. Recorded 8/2/23.
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Episode 27

Richard walks us through his takeaways from the Dean Preston meeting with the (HVNA) Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association (6.22.23).

Topics discussed: public safety, parcel K, housing, Hayes Valley Clubhouse and another reprimand by HVNA leadership.

HVNA member mentions: Jen Laska (President), Lloyd Silverstein, Jason Henderson, Ben Zotto, Jim Warshell, Gail Baugh and Dan Spaeth.

Communications referenced in this episode: Who is the Hayes Valley Public Safety Commmitte • Statement Regarding HVNA’s Involvement in Campaign Against Supervisor Dean PrestonFounder Reprimanded by HVNA President 

Episode 26

A candid chat with Tom Wolf about the Fentanyl crisis in San Francisco. Recorded 3/2023.

Episode 25

Adam from BetterSOMA joins us for another candid conversation about the state of his neighborhood. Recorded 3/2023. Follow Adam on Twitter & Visit his amazing Sandwich Shop.

Episode 24

We chime in on the initial draft proposal released by the San Francisco African American Reparations Advisory Committee and discuss shoddy housing construction/rehabilitation in Hayes Valley.

Episode 23

A brief update on our disclosure request to obtain a copy of a Fall SFPD Community Meeting hosted by SFSAFE is provided. Recorded 1/25/23.

Episode 22

We catch up on current politics in San Francisco. Recorded 1/12/23.

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Episode 21

We catch up with Erica for a candid round table pre election chat. Recorded 11/2/22.

Topics we discuss include: DA Brooke Jenkins, social media, crime, housing, the role of a San Francisco Supervisor, Dean Preston, Matt Haney, Honey Mahogany, Matt Dorsey,  Gordon Mar, Joel Engardio and Leanna Louie. Follow Erica on Twitter visit her website.

Episode 20

We discuss the development of the (HVNA) Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association’s current president being a paid operative for a political action committee and some other particulars of the HVNA leadership.

Mentioned: HVNA current board members: Jen Laska (President), Jason Henderson (Director) and Nico Bremond (Director).  HVNA members: Gail Baugh, Jim Warshell,  and Lloyd Silverstein.

Episode 19

Housing post freeway removal in Hayes Valley are discussed. Richard walks through some tidbits of history relating to Parcels K, L and R in tandem with highlighting the paradigm shift of the HVNA (Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association) in the last decade. This episode is filled with nuances that touch on housing issues both at the neighborhood level and city wide. Recorded 8/17/22.

Episode 18

Local politics chat. Topics covered: Shamann Walton using a racial slur with a cadet, Hillary Ronen’s closure of the 24th Street Bart plaza, Scott Wiener’s legislation for safe consumption sites and legalizing psychedelics. Recorded 8/3/22.

Episode 17

Our intro conversation with Sergeant Rich Cibotti touches on his advocacy efforts, police morale, homelessness, and staffing and recruiting challenges. Follow Rich on his blog.

Episode 16

We check back in with Adam from BetterSOMA for another candid conversation about the state of his neighborhood. Topics we discuss include: San Francisco’s fentanyl crisis, safe consumption sites, DA Brooke Jenkins, District 6 Supervisor Matt Dorsey, District 5 Supervisor Dean Preston, and the role of a district supervisor. Recorded 7/13/22. Follow Adam on Twitter & Visit his Amazing Sandwich Shop.

Episode 15

An update on the Hayes Valley Octavia Freeway Commemoration Project is provided. Recorded 6/22/22 & 7/13/22.

Mentioned: Robin Levitt (MOCAC (Market Octavia Community Advisory Committee) member, Gail Baugh (past HVNA (Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association) president), Lloyd Silverstein (HVNA Merchant Committee Chair, HVMA (Hayes Valley Merchants Association) President, Jen Laska (current HVNA President), Babs Early (HVNA Board Member, Manager of Parcel R & S Hayes Valley Art Works), Doug Burnham (Parcel K/Proxy leaseholder).

Episode 14

Post Pride Parade chat and a discussion on abortion in light of the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. Recorded 6/28/22 and 5/11/22.

Episode 13

An overview of the background on the 2011 redesign and rebuild of the Hayes Valley Playground and Clubhouse. Recorded April 2022.

Episode 12

Recap on the Vicha Rally. SFPD community meeting, topics covered: tent crisis and traffic calming issues. HVNA hypocritical tactics. Recorded 6/15/22

Episode 11

Post election and recall discussion. Censorship by the neighborhood association, HVNA. Recorded 6/8/22

Episode 10

We discuss some last minute thoughts on the Chesa Boudin recall. Considerations are made about what a San Francisco DA recall potentially means to the Democratic Party. Recorded 6/1/22

Episode 9

A pre recall chat with Tom Wolf. Recorded 5/25/22. Subjects discussed: Fentanyl drug crisis in San Francisco, homelessness, statistics, Chesa Boudin. Follow Tom on Twitter.

Episode 8

We catch up with Adam from BetterSOMA for a candid conversation about the state of his neighborhood and the challenges dealing with City Agencies in San Francisco. Recorded 5/18/22. Topics we discuss include: San Francisco’s drug crisis, homelessness, Urban Alchemy, small business challenges, San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin, rank choice voting and Supervisor Matt Dorsey. Follow Adam on Twitter & Visit his amazing Sandwich Shop.

Episode 7

The first five minutes of this episode we cover a brief update on the Freeway Commemoration Project.  The reference to Robin’s Resolution can be found here.

Our conversation with Eduardo is dedicated to post SF Planning Commission feedback and we discuss the overall housing landscape from a developer’s perspective. The SF Planning Commission hearing referenced can be found here – click on agenda item #12. You can read more information on this project here.  Recorded 5/4/22

Episode 6

An overview of the Hayes Valley Octavia Freeway Commemoration Project is provided. We discuss the history of the freeway removal, the intent of the commemoration project and the present day design process outcome and what it potentially means for the neighborhood. Richard Johnson, one of the advocates who worked with Patricia Walkup sheds light on this remarkable piece of Hayes Valley history and how the process to date, which has largely flown under the radar of the neighborhood (no less during a pandemic) has allowed a simple commemoration plan to morph into a grandiose design that wreaks of a boulevard improvement plan.

Episode 5

This was our first session. Due to the pressing camera surveillance issue we got wind of that day this got shelved. Now that you’ve heard a few of our episodes we thought you might enjoy hearing a few of our points of view on San Francisco, changes in Hayes Valley, and the challenges that accompany being a community advocate. Recorded 4/6/22

Episode 4

Post Assembly Election chat: we discuss Campos vs Haney, Redistricting in District 5, and some interesting tidbits about London Breed. Recorded 4/20/22

Episode 3

We take a quick dive on a development plan for 618 & 630 Octavia. Parking ratios are discussed along with transit conditions present day in Hayes Valley as it relates to the Market Octavia Plan vision. Recorded 4/20/22

Episode 2

We take a quick dive on what it means to be a Progressive present day in San Francisco. Richard shares a bit about his experience working with Supervisor Dean Preston. Recorded 4/13/22

Episode 1

We take a dive on a camera program potentially being installed in our business corridor. Richard shares his takeaways from a meeting, concerns and presents points of caution. Recorded 4/6/22

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Neighbor in Hayes Valley, SF

You guys got a good thing here. Keep it up!

Neighbor in Civic Center, SF

Mich, Richard and George bring a refreshing exchange of ideas to the table. This podcast is both entertaining and insightful. I look forward to each new episode.

Neighbor in Hayes Valley, SF

Appreciate the candor. Finally neighbors are breaking down the long term hold the HVNA has had in the neighborhood! You’ve got a regular listener. I’m sharing with neighbors and friends.