Shared Streets Program Survey

We’re reaching out to you today because you either signed our petition back in the fall of last year or have expressed recent concern or interest to us about the weekend street closure. This survey is merely an opportunity for us to get a pulse on your view of the matter. This is not a petition, rather a request for input.

Why now?
A new ordinance is being introduced to create a permanent version of the program. You can read it here. More info can also be found on the SFMTA website. HVSafe is committed to having a seat at the table since we’ve been in communications with SFMTA regarding this matter and have been told that “the transition between the current program and the future permanent program and the process for soliciting input from the community during that process is yet to be determined at this time.” Since we represents advocacy efforts for the reopening of the 500 block of Hayes Street, we want to check in to see if our efforts should remain steady or be expanded.

Thanks in advance for your time.