Issues with New Garbage Bins at Patricia’s Green

Unfortunately in less than a week’s time the new garbage bins at Patricia’s Green have busted locks, doors exposed and ongoing trash and debris overflow. It’s not a pretty sight and many of you have been inquiring.

We’ve been in communication with SFPW and they too are dismayed by the current conditions. They’ve explained that they have reached out to Recology to understand why the locks have been an issue.

We’ll report back with any updates.

Update Thursday February 10th

Communications with DPW:

Apparently the lock location on the cans itself has been a challenge for the Recology drivers, as it’s low to the ground and needs a specific angle to get in. They’ve broken 2 keys in the locks already. We spent extra on “puck locks” to make the doors to these cans more secure from vandalism. Recology is confident that by this weekend they will have worked out the kinks.


Update Monday February 14th

We noticed that over the weekend some locks were placed on the bins. Fingers crossed things hold up.

Update Wednesday February 16th

We noticed one of the bins with a broken lock today and have been in communications with DPW again about this.