HVSafe Letter to Planning Department, RE: 618 & 630 Octavia

We’re sharing our recent correspondence to the Planning Department regarding the housing development plan for 618 & 630 Octavia.

We recognize taking a position is often fraught with apprehension, but we believe it’s critical for the health of civic dialogue, advocacy and the right to redress.

Attention San Francisco Planning Commission:

HVSafe supports the proposed project for 618 & 630 Octavia.

We’ve had an open dialogue with Eduardo Sagues/March Capital Management and are satisfied with the answers and information provided to address our questions and concerns.

We’re excited for this plan to accommodate multi family housing here in Hayes Valley. The housing crisis in San Francisco has made home ownership increasingly challenging for working families – we view this housing development as a net positive.

In our view the parking plan and ratio for 618 & 630 Octavia is a sound approach and will not further exacerbate parking availability for residents and patrons in our neighborhood. Hayes Valley has seen its parking availability minimized in recent years for a variety of reasons. Additionally a substantial number of spaces have been removed within a mile radius of 618 & 630 Octavia due to programs rolled out during COVID.

We are also pleased to see that the ground floor retail space plan has been divided into two smaller spaces; the smaller square footage increases the probability of occupancy by independent small business operators.

We ask that you approve the CU for this project.

HVSafe Communications Team

For more information on this project visit our blog post here.