78 Haight

It appears the ball was dropped with respect to communications outreach; there’s been expressed surprise and upset by community members about lack of details and notice about this project.

In the last 2 days we’ve received calls and emails regarding the upcoming development at 78 Haight due to a flyer that was circulated near the location. Emotions are running high amongst neighbors about the imminent construction beginning in 2 weeks.

Neighbors are also citing that no formal notices have been received via mail which ordinarily have been sent months if not years in advance. People feel left out of the community outreach which should have been handled more effectively with ample lead time for neighbors to have their concerns and questions addressed. Flyer distributors when confronted responded “we talked with the Hayes Valley Neighborhood Association and thought they would do the outreach”.

Lastly, this project is being pitched as a ‘multi family rental housing development’ which doesn’t make sense when 58 of the units are studios and 5 of the units are 1 bedrooms.

Worth noting, there was a scheduled zoom presentation meeting at the same time slot a Redistricting Meeting occurred for District 5 which attributed to further frustration by neighbors who were seeking more information.

HVSafe is in communication with TNDC and is seeking more information.

Legislation approving and authorizing this development found here.

To be crystal clear, the population this building is slated to serve is not in question, rather it’s the abject neglect in performing due diligent community outreach to neighbors that is being brought into focus.

Update 3.31.22

We’ve been in ongoing communications with TNDC about neighbors concerns near the site.

We’re also sharing info that has been provided to us by TNDC below. We’ll continue to update you here with any more information that is provided.

Resources provided by TNDC

If you have additional questions or concerns we encourage you to contact us.