Takeaways from Appointed Design Team’s Workshop (6.9.22) part 7

Takeaways from Appointed Design Team’s Workshop (6.9.22) Here are some bullet points of the appointed design team’s workshop for the Freeway Commemoration Project which was held last Thursday, June 9th: In the same vein of their current survey the workshop was skewed toward their intentions; it gave the feeling that the intent and original idea of a memorial is being … Read post

Suggestions to Combat Traffic Congestion in Hayes Valley

Richard recently attended a meeting put on by SFCTA. We’re sharing his comments about ways to combat the multitude of traffic issues in Hayes Valley. Many of these thoughts have been shared with City Agencies while we’ve been working on Traffic Calming Issues for the neighborhood. We believe that ‘long game’ remedies need to be put into place which Richard … Read post

HVSafe Letter to Planning Department, RE: 618 & 630 Octavia

We’re sharing our recent correspondence to the Planning Department regarding the housing development plan for 618 & 630 Octavia. We recognize taking a position is often fraught with apprehension, but we believe it’s critical for the health of civic dialogue, advocacy and the right to redress. Attention San Francisco Planning Commission: HVSafe supports the proposed project for 618 & 630 … Read post

Surveillance in Hayes Valley?

As many of you know, last year we were apprised of a potential plan for a camera system to be installed in our neighborhood. After a brief meeting back in April of 2021 and little details — we have checked in periodically and were informed that there was “zero movement” on the project. Suddenly this month out of the blue … Read post

618 & 630 Octavia

The site is currently 4 units and a 20 plus car parking lot. The proposal would use the state density bonus to build 40 new homes, two ground level commercial spaces, and 30 underground parking spots. A total of 10 of those homes (25 percent) will be subsidized affordable and there will be an additional in lieu fee of approximately … Read post

Takeaways from MOCAC Meeting (3.21.22) part 6

Takeaways from MOCAC Meeting (3.21.22) …the Freeway Commemoration Project continued Representatives of HVSafe attended Monday’s MOCAC Meeting. The Freeway Commemoration Project was item 6 on the agenda. We share our observations in an effort to provide an update on what the Commemoration Committee is seemingly up to. Our goal is to keep you informed of this looming project which will … Read post

Why Neighborhood Advocates Play a Key Role

While City and Neighborhood politics seem to be in a clash of sorts these days making it even more challenging for neighbors to often obtain answers and insights on issues impacting their neighborhood, it’s good to revisit the critical role of Neighborhood Advocacy. We recently stumbled on this great read by Michigan State and believe it encapsulates many key points … Read post

78 Haight

It appears the ball was dropped with respect to communications outreach; there’s been expressed surprise and upset by community members about lack of details and notice about this project.