HVSafe proposes the following strategies to mitigate traffic congestion in Hayes Valley:

Existing Signage improvements:

  1. Better visual placement needed; signage should be placed at eye level.
  2. Trees need to be trimmed (they are obstructing views).

Oak Street at Webster at John Muir School. Signage indicating the following:

  1. This is a residential neighborhood
  2. Please keep radio down
  3. No honking unless an emergency
  4. Signage: “Keep intersection clear” (on pavement/eye level)
  5. School zone with visible speed signs at eye level

Digital signage along Oak:

Information indicating options and routes up ahead. Drivers should be prompted what lanes go where to offset chaos that occurs at Buchanan & Laguna. Alternate route prompts need to be posted here; proactive warnings of route options due to current road conditions i.e. trees down, electrical lines, accidents (similar to signs used on freeways).

These recommendations were submitted to both Supervisor Dean Preston and Matt Dorsey in September, 2023.