Head West Market Event Permit Initiative

(previously aka: Urban Air)

Update March 9th:
At today’s hearing, Head West received approval for only 2 dates.
We anticipate another round of permitting will be forthcoming to address their desire to add 2 more weekends.
We will update you here with any further developments.

Dear Neighbors:

An SFMTA ISCOTT hearing is slated for this Thursday for a proposed Head West event venue change.

What’s happening:

Head West has plans to increase its venue in Hayes Valley to 4 weekends annually. We did not receive notification of this 2023 venue change.

This time last year we experienced the same lack of notification for Head West’s 2022 venue plans and immediately reached out to Head West to communicate the necessity to include HVSafe and the Hayes Valley Business Association (HVSBA) in any future planning details and communications. That demand fell on deaf ears.

We also recently learned that Head West (in tandem with the HVMA) is exploring relocating the venue onto Hayes Street. As many of you know, we organized a united front to keep the 300 and 500 block of Hayes St open to commerce due to the financial stress the street closure presented to our independent shop operators.

We are concerned about the lack of inclusiveness and outreach by the parties orchestrating this venue change.

We understand expansion will impact neighbors on several fronts including traffic and parking. The potential negative financial impact it presents to our business corridor is our utmost concern.

Our voices need to be heard to ensure a democratic process is applied IF A CHANGE is to be agreed upon.

We will continue to monitor and share any activity regarding a possible expansion.

How you can help:


Please see a short note we have crafted for you to send to SFMTA to voice your concern and support for our small business community.

This agenda item is not open for public comment. The only opportunity for our input is via email. Deadline for email submissions: (TOMORROW!) Wednesday March 8, 2023 at 12:00pm noon.

The submission period has ended.