Head West Permit 2024 Public Hearing February 22

February 21, 2024


We oppose the 4x event frequency being proposed for the Head West event. 

We view the sanctioned promotion of outside retail vendors as a direct threat on our small business operators. This event is run by a out of county for profit business at our neighborhood expense. Each time this event occurs it results in direct financial loss to businesses in Hayes Valley. Our business community received reassurance in recent years that this event would take place only 2x a year. The event host has broken that commitment.

We need to point out that the application information being submitted is inaccurate (see highlighted items). How has Head West arrived at its proclamation regarding its vendors as beingcomplimenting (not competing against the existing merchants in the Hayes Valley neighborhood?  Also, in light of repeatedly expressing our concern with the event host about its lack of communications and inclusiveness by not consulting with HVSafe and the Hayes Valley Small Business Association (HVSBA) on its intent or planning efforts the applicant cites it has “community support from Neighborhood Associations” 🤨🤔.

The proposed schedule of four Sunday closures in addition to the ongoing Saturday closure already taking place on Hayes Street represents 25% of our weekends. Weekends generate the greatest volume of business during any given week. The permit holder for the Shared Street Closure is already struggling to maintain activation on the block per the conditions of the permit; we’ve received a lot of input on the idea to have Head West move the event date from Sundays to Saturdays.

In light of all the communications expressing our distaste with Head West we don’t understand why the City isn’t redirecting this type of activity toward venues that are in more dire need of “activation” vs. allowing this event host to continue to double down on ours.

Please deny this permit request.

Thank you.