Hayes Valley Street Closure Permit Renewal SFMTA Hearing

November 6, 2023

Good Evening Jeffrey Tumlin and SFMTA Board:

After advocating for 3+ years for fair process we embraced the stakeholder community process this summer led by the Mayor’s Office, Office of Small Business and SFMTA. Outreach to our small businesses conducted by SFMTA clearly showed that a majority, 66%, were willing to accept the recommendations put forth by SFMTA to reduce the street closure to 1 day.  (It’s worth noting that we also conducted our own outreach questionnaire and over 95% of our respondents opted to either share feedback exclusively with the Mayor’s Office/Office of SB/SFMTA or with anonymity – further highlighting how politicized this issue has become.)

The results of last month’s meeting left many of us stunned/derailed. It’s shameful of SFMTA to have set us up to support its own recommendations, only to backpedal on us.

You can read our takeaways here.

We like many other neighborhoods feel your AGENCY is not listening while consistently siding with an elected politician or interest groups. Because this viewpoint has strong consensus across San Francisco we are seeking citywide support via our petition.