Hayes Valley Freeway Commemoration Project FAQ

You have a lot of information on your site, it’s a lot to sift through – can you give me the short version of what is going on here?


A well intended commemoration project for the freeway removal has morphed into a project that is completely unrecognizable. A small group created the vision, held a design contest, had a sham vote, and then chose a family member and a leaseholder of the parcel adjacent to Patricia’s Green as the winning design team.

We list plenty of the original red flags here.

We believe a memorial shouldn’t be this bloated in scope and should not position the neighborhood for a boulevard capital improvement with such minimal community input (no less during a pandemic!).

In recent weeks we have learned that a new team has been created to lead this initiative (it’s makeup is 100% HVNA) and that the goal is to privatize