Shared Streets Permit Extension

Your continued support is needed via feedback.

To those of you who have supported the 500 Hayes Street – Shared Streets – Request to Cease Closure/Re Open petition we would like to bring to your attention the pending proposal to extend the previously permitted street closure on Hayes. You can read the notice here


  • Our update on November 23 outlines the program schedule change that went into effect prior to the suspension of the Shared Streets program; the 500 block of Hayes is to be closed to cars at 5pm verses 10 am. The proposed extended permit does not reflect this scheduled time change. This is concerning and we are seeking this clarification on the extended permit.
  • We view our campaign as one that is going against a segment of the community that is seeking to covert our block in to a non traffic zone while our city’s transportation infrastructure is in a dire straits. We’re discouraged by the opportunism that is in play by those who do not have backgrounds or experience in small business operations. 
  • We continue to advocate for the reopening of our block. This is critical as we look ahead to recover from the financial impacts of COVID. 

The majority of our concerns have been well documented on our petition page which also includes our previous statements and updates. We encourage you to reacquaint yourself with the history there so that your feedback corroborates with our concerns. We encourage you to send in your comments and feedback for the program via email.

Email: [email protected] 

Subject line “Public Input 500 Block of Hayes – Extended Permit Proposal 247991”

Please cc : Dean Preston’s office at: [email protected] & HV Safe at: [email protected] if you are comfortable doing so.

We have also created a feedback template guide for you to use below that outlines a few pertinent points that would help our cause; we encourage you to include these in addition to your concerns/feedback.

Dear SFMTA and Supervisor Dean Preston’s Office:
I recognize the purpose of the Shared Streets program was to aid merchants on the main corridor. As resident/customer/Hayes Valley business owner I’ve taken the time to understand the impacts on the small businesses on Hayes that the closure effects. I am a supporter of the 500 Hayes Street – Shared Streets – Request to Cease Closure/Re Open Petition. I only support the extension of the permit with the following condition:

  • 500 block is not included in the closure 

Thank you.