Past Events

We’ve selected a representative sample of initiatives and efforts that we have been involved with for your review. This does not cover the daily/weekly efforts that are organization contributes to in the ongoing effort to be a source for community outreach, advocacy and communications in Hayes Valley.

February 2022 Meeting with Supervisor’s Office

December 2021 Public Safety Community meeting with SFPD Acting Captain

November 2021 SFMTA Walking Tour

October 2021 Public Safety Community meeting with SFPD Captain

August 2021 Public Safety Community meeting with SFPD Captain

July- present 2021 Octavia Freeway Commemoration Project outreach

June, July 2021 Shared Streets Reopening of 500 Hayes campaign

May 2021 Series of conversations with SFMTA

April 2021 Q&A Part 2 with Thomas Wolf

April 2021 Traffic calming initiative working group tours neighborhood with Captain Paul Yep

April 2021 SFSAFE camera surveillance in Hayes Valley

March 2021 Business outreach

February 2021 Working group formed for Hayes Valley traffic calming initiative

February 2021 Conversation with Northern Station, Discussion on 2021 Goals and Community Partnership

January 2021 Planning Session for Public Safety Concerns for 2021

December 2020 Public Safety Meeting Traffic, Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

November 2020 Q&A with Thomas Wolf

October 2020 Public Safety Meeting New Beat Officers

September 2020 Public Safety Meeting Lower Haight and Hayes Valley Safety Issues

August 2020 Public Safety Meeting Homeless Issues in Hayes Valley

July 2020 Public Safety Meeting Property Crimes

June 2020 Public Safety Meeting San Francisco Juvenile Probation

May 2020 Public Safety Meeting Public Safety Concerns during SIP